Movie | Passing On Project

Director ; ‘Ί”φ‚ά‚³‚έ(ƒVƒJƒN)

"Passing On Project"
Supported by TOSHIBA

Architect ; ’JK½(Suppose design office)
Lighting Designer ; ‰ͺˆΐς(‰ͺˆΐςΖ–ΎέŒvŽ––±Š)
Producer ; ωΆ”ͺ•δŽq(sasao company)

"Passing On Project" will exhibit an installation at Milano Salone in April 2012 with the theme of "Touch to turn light into delight". Moved by the adversity that the Japanese people experienced in 2011, this project pondered the existence of light,personal communication,and the joy of life : the meaning of light to people will be embodied with LED. This film is the mock-up of installation in Tokyo.